The Role of Fintech in Advancing Financial Inclusion

TL; DR: In a world marked by numerous disparities, technology stands out as a key force in crafting more equitable landscapes. In the financial domain, fintechs are at the forefront, championing global financial inclusion. This article shines a light on the innovations and tech strategies focused on reducing the world’s underbanked population and the pivotal

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Riding the Recession Wave: How Outsourcing Solutions Lead the Way

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Nearsure Sponsors Programming Language Expertise at the Elixir Conference 2023

TL; DR: Nearsure just sponsored the latest tech community gathering in Brooklyn, New York at the EMPEX NYC Elixir conference 2023. This blog article summarizes the importance of Elixir... Read More >

How Can Custom Software Development Solutions Benefit Fintech?

TL;DR: Driven by the value partnerships provide the fintech sector, this blog outlines a few of the most common challenges and pain points that fintech companies and their respective... Read More >