The Pulse of Innovation: Takeaways from the Fast Company Innovation Festival

TL; DR: Each year, the Fast Company Innovation Festival brings together thousands of makers and innovators from across the globe to celebrate innovation and creativity. 2023 was no exception, with four days filled with inspired conversation, shared insights, and purposeful networking. In this article, we dive into the significance of innovation, the importance of disruption,

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The Role of Fintech in Advancing Financial Inclusion

TL; DR: In a world marked by numerous disparities, technology stands out as a key force in crafting more equitable landscapes. In the financial domain, fintechs are at the... Read More >

Riding the Recession Wave: How Outsourcing Solutions Lead the Way

TL; DR: This article examines the strategic role of outsourcing solutions during a recession, challenging the quick reflex of cutting jobs as a cost-saving measure. We delve into how... Read More >

Nearsure Sponsors Programming Language Expertise at the Elixir Conference 2023

TL; DR: Nearsure just sponsored the latest tech community gathering in Brooklyn, New York at the EMPEX NYC Elixir conference 2023. This blog article summarizes the importance of Elixir... Read More >

How Can Custom Software Development Solutions Benefit Fintech?

TL;DR: Driven by the value partnerships provide the fintech sector, this blog outlines a few of the most common challenges and pain points that fintech companies and their respective... Read More >