How Web 3.0 is Reshaping E-commerce

TL; DR: From tailor-made shopping journeys to tokenized loyalty programs, Web 3.0 offers businesses and online retailers a transformative shift in how they interact with customers in the digital world. Read on to explore the main features of the new web and dive into the key trends shaping the future of e-commerce.   E-commerce is undergoing

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Key Pointers On Feedback In The Tech World With A Female Focus

According to researcher Hana El-Samad, “We, and all organisms, are an evolutionary masterpiece of multiscale feedback control,” which is precisely “what makes both the technological and natural worlds possible.” Challenging... Read More >

Leading Distributed Teams: Leadership Styles for a Hybrid Workplace 

TL; DR: The article explores the evolving work landscape, emphasizing the need for adapting leadership styles in distributed teams post-pandemic. It discusses four key leadership styles, their relevance in... Read More >

Ten Easy Steps to Overcome Early Challenges in a New Job

TL;DR: This article is a guide with valuable tips for those who have recently transitioned to a new job. Recognizing that they are confronting new personal challenges, new positions,... Read More >

Why High-Level Corporate Actions Are as Important as Pride Day

TL; DR: Nearsure has been preparing for Pride Day since the start of the year, holding internal discussions leading into International Women’s Day to continued great light by our... Read More >

Nearsure Has Just Won Two Stevie Awards!

Nearsure Has Just Won Two Stevie Awards! Known as the world’s premier business awards, the coveted Stevie® Awards honor the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and working professionals... Read More >

Project management skills: Four great tips for developers

As part of TechRemote, our LinkedIn Newsletter, we recently focused on project management skills software developers need to succeed in their careers. We bring you those great tips in... Read More >

What is Design Thinking? Why is it so popular?

Airbnb. Apple. Bank of America. Google. Microsoft. Netflix. Nike. Oral B. PepsiCo. Samsung. Starbucks. These are just some of the many businesses and organizations around the world that have... Read More >

Top 7 Benefits of Latin America Outsourcing

TL; DR: This blog details the top 7 benefits of Latin America outsourcing. It compares the geographical, political, financial, cultural and work considerations of Latin American-based nearshore providers in... Read More >

Soft Skills Any Remote Software Developer Needs to Master

Software developers have long been stereotyped as lacking in social and/or interpersonal skills when their career actually comes with great technical demands. To be great at what they do,... Read More >