What’s an AI Hallucination and its Impact on the Tech Industry

TL; DR: This article delves into the phenomenon of AI Hallucinations, where AI systems generate responses that are incorrect or made-up. The piece covers the concept, explains real-life cases, and discusses its implications for the tech industry. From the impact of AI Hallucinations on leading companies like Google and Microsoft, to the legal and ethical

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Nearsure Sponsors Programming Language Expertise at the Elixir Conference 2023

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Emerging Technologies of 2023: From VR to Edge Language Models

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Unlocking the Power of Python AI: An Introduction

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12 New Programming Languages Every Programmer Should Learn

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What Are Four Types of Code Reviews?

Coding is a well-respected, fully-fledged, and promising field. Many breakthroughs over the years have truly revolutionized the future of computer programming, and, with them, have come new exciting trends... Read More >

What is the Future of Java and Cloud Computing?

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Python vs PHP: Which Language is Best for Web Development?

Python vs PHP: Which Language is Best for Web Development? ‍The software engineering field continues to be one of the most rapidly-growing industries in the US and in the... Read More >

Carbon: What you should know about Google’s newest language

In July of 2022, Google Engineer Chandler Carruth announced the creation of Carbon at the CppNorth conference. The new programming language is aimed at addressing problems with C++, which... Read More >

Best Practices in API Design

According to RapidAPI’s global State of APIs Developer Survey 2021, an annual report featuring trends in application programming interfaces (APIs) and software development, 61.6% of software developers relied on... Read More >