Partner Referral Program

Are you looking to put your network to work? Partner with a trustworthy, talented software outsourcing company and tap into your network to help your colleagues and contacts leverage the benefits of outstanding tech talent teams.


Simply refer anyone within your network — a concrete current lead or future prospect — who could be a fit.


Provide us with the lead’s contact information, or connect us directly. We’ll take it from there!


Start receiving commissions as soon as your contact becomes one of our clients.

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Ready to increase the value of your network and start monetizing it at the same time? Here’s what you can gain by joining the Partnership Referral Program.

Monthly Commissions

Once a lead becomes a client, you will immediately receive commissions during the first two years of the partnership. If you are interested in knowing more about terms & conditions, get in touch with

Marketing & Communications

Our Growth Team will facilitate your promotional efforts via marketing collateral and newsletters. We’ll also support you in identifying opportunities within your network. Through optional monthly calls, you’ll be kept apprised of any industry and company updates.

Why Us?

Nearsure’s focus is nearshore outsourcing, and we’re always looking to grow. Partners like you make this mission possible. Our staff augmentation solutions span every industry. Priority #1 is connecting successful and growing businesses with the best developers and QA testers across Latin America.

Monetize your network!

*All agreements are nonbinding, and there are no minimum commitments.