What is Making Florida a Tech Hub?

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Why Are People Talking About Florida as a Tech Hub? 

Let’s be honest. What comes to mind when you first think of Florida? Snowbirds, Miami beach, maybe not Miami Heat, but…Walt Disney World, fishing, and even alligators, perhaps? Whatever thoughts come to your mind on the Sunshine State, not many immediately relate to Florida as a tech hub at the very first thought of it, right? Well, we can assure you that’s about to change.  

Over this blog post, we’re outlining the reasons why people are talking about Florida as a flourishing state in this industry, one that seems to be hosting the next hot tech city in the United States. Here’s also why Nearsure’s C-level leadership is coming to Miami for promising tech meetings and events.  

Is Florida Really Hosting the Next Big Tech City? 

It’s true Florida has a reputation for perfect weather with stunning beaches — all tied to fun amusement parks and fascinating museums. Those have drawn tourists and nationals for years without end to this region. Saying the state is now being deemed the next big IT hub in the USA might be hard to believe, but let’s allow data to prove some revealing facts here.  

A Recent Rise in Florida Tech Companies 

As a literal headliner, “Florida added more tech companies in 2021 than any other state.” News have repeatedly called Florida “the new Silicon Valley.” In the past few years, Florida has only strengthened its presence as a national IT hub in the US. With close to 3,000 new businesses in a single year, it surpassed the number of tech companies coming to California — and Texas. 

The Upcoming Tech Hub of South Florida 

Non-profit membership associations are also coming together in South Florida to build up their tech community throughout what they call SoFlo. In their efforts, these organizations are articulating with educational institutions, different forms of government, and diverse business groups.  

The Miami Tech Hub: What About Tech Jobs in Miami? 

Some cities are better than others for tech jobs in this state. Yet, the region is surely offering a high number of positions and roles for aspiring and established software engineers, especially in Miami. But not all is mere sunshine in these stats. 

Why we strongly believe in our remote-based mindset 

With at least 40 minutes of people’s days being spared on commuting with related gas, meals, and other costs being spared during what are deemed as challenging financial times globally, working remotely makes sense for many, especially after the recent pandemic.  

Unfortunately, as of 2022, only “31% of employers are offering that option” in the US, however, said an Owl labs study. The country isn’t truly far behind the global picture. Around the world, this same report highlights how only “16% of companies are fully remote.” According to this resource, “44% of companies do not allow remote work of any kind.” What a bummer!  

We say it bluntly as such, because companies simply need to consider that “the number of workers choosing to work remotely in 2022 increased 24% since 2021” while “interest for in-office work, however, dropped by 24%.” While we may be showering you with data here, the related eye-opening effect is necessary when we realize that “If the ability to work from home was taken away, two-thirds (66%) of workers would immediately start looking for a job that offered flexibility, and 39% would simply quit.” As a final wrap-up to this reality, “62% of workers feel more productive when working remotely.” We hope to have laid this out more clearly now. 

For us at Nearsure, remote is not a location; it’s a mindset.  

As a 100% fully remote company, we seize the power of having a network over 20,000 engineers spread out across 18 Latin American countries. This is one of our greatest assets when it comes to us servicing North American-based clients. We headhunt and put together the most talented tech teams with a cultural affinity and time zone location that’s ideal for collaborative work throughout America. 

The data is clear as to a remote work preference in the global workforce, and we’ve personally found this to be a great reason why our teams keep doing their absolute best. A work-life balance enhancement is our pride, as well, knowing we’re being able to maintain a people-focused culture that keeps our teams connected. Remote work truly never felt so close for us.  

What’s in Store for Nearsure Regarding the Florida Tech Hub? 

We look forward to partnering with many of these tech companies and other service providers seeking to speed up their time-to-market, meet diverse business goals, and ramp up their digital transformation with 100% remote tech teams.  

We seek so as we know we simply have a cultural affinity with people currently living in the Florida tech sphere. Our shared time zones, bilingual teams, and Nearsure’s mastery of traditional, legacy, and the latest of leading technologies make us the perfect solution for long-term business relationships of high tech, corporate, and human value. 

A Historic Account on Florida Tech 

Before we go, and just in case you were wondering, however, here’s an interesting fact to take with you this tech hub in the US. Tallahassee is the actual capital city of Florida. It’s neither Miami nor Orlando as many newcomers to the area may think.  

Tallahassee was actually “chosen as the capital of American Florida in 1824, primarily because it was the midway point between the two principal cities.” And those two major cities were St. Augustine and Pensacola back then, when two different Floridas existed as colonies under the British regime.  

We bet those last two city names also brought up newer associations on the Sunshine State at this point for you, no? That’s because Florida indeed has a lot to offer the world! 

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