Top Remote Developer Benefits In Today’s Compensation Packages

woman enjoying her remote developer benefits

With remote work being more and more common, especially in the tech industry, many companies fight hard to offer the best compensation package. But what should you look at when it comes to choosing your next position? This new blog post brings our latest LinkedIn newsletter to blog format to highlight extra miles in compesation packages for remote developers. If you’re interested in more tech-related content for software development, don’t hesitate to subscribe to our monthly TechRemote newsletter and keep reading our blog.  

Compensation Packages: Going the Extra Mile for Remote Developers 

Not so long ago, it was a luxury for programmers to work at home, set their schedule, go to their children’s soccer practice, and plan their work around their personal lives, not the other way around. Yet, in our post-pandemic world, what were once considered “wow points” are now standard expectations.  

With benefits now becoming  a common — yet also competitive — element of compensation packages, it’s worth pondering: What steps can employers take to maximize employee satisfaction? What would be the ultimate reward?  

On the topic, Nearsure offers five key benefits that are still rare to see in remote working settings today. Over this blog post, we’re spilling the beans on each and every one of them. Let’s dive right into them! 

The Top Five Employee Benefits in Our Compensation Package 

1.PTO (Paid Time Off) 

Yes, all remote workers love schedule flexibility and not being limited to one location. However, this blessing can also turn into a curse at times. Some companies seem to believe that “taking time off” is meaningless for remote workers because they’re often off. Well, nothing could be further from the truth! 

Remote employees work just as hard as any other team member, if not harder. You deserve  time off without a pay cut. Enjoying paid time off as part of your compensation package allows you to take a sick day, maternity or paternity leave, vacation, or even a national holiday without worrying about a monthly paycheck. As it happens with us, we furthermore allow our talent to choose whether they wish to take their national holidays on the same day they occur or whether they wish to accrue that holiday to take a different day off at some other point of the year.  

2. Global Coworking Partnership with WeWork 

Remote workers also love the peace of working at home, free from distractions. But, it can get lonely sometimes. That’s normal. 25% of remote employees feel that way. How to combat this?  

A level of connectivity and human contact can boost your productivity. In that sense, a reliable coworking space lets you work alongside other people. These venues also give you time away from home when that’s your ideal scenario for any given reason. They furthermore allow you to network with new people commonly working under similar remote conditions, whether they’re in your field or out of it. 

On top of above, the flexibility of remote work means we don’t always get to be at home or in our home office, where we have everything we need to get our work done. So, it’s great to always have a solid fallback alternative where we can work comfortably.  

Knowing the above, we’ve integrated coworking into our employee benefit package at Nearsure. Thanks to our partnership with WeWork, our coders can join thousands of physical and virtual shared spaces across the world. 

3. Annual Bonus 

We believe happy employees make powerful teams. Many different strategies can secure a high morale, such as providing recognitions, arranging company getaways, and other incentives part of any company’s compensation strategy. It’s all great and necessary.  

Yet, nothing motivates employees like a solid annual bonus to financially show them how much the company appreciates their commitment to the team’s overall growth. The comfort they can attain from the extra funds is for them to decide.  

Unfortunately, you won’t normally come across annual bonuses in remote work arrangements.  

However, we want our coders to know that they make a huge difference in our projects, which is why we’ve designed a compensation package for employees that includes annual bonuses as well. 

4. Betterfly Wellness App 

In today’s tech-driven world, many of us lead busy lives, making work-related stress inevitable. Complex projects, unexpected issues, and tight deadlines can all take a toll on our mental health and keep us from focusing on our physical fitness and health. 

That’s why the Betterfly Wellness app is a pillar in our remote employee benefit program. Betterfly rewards employees for healthy habits such as walking, meditation, resting, working out, and healthy eating. It also offers hundreds of different programs to help you do all of that.  

Using Betterfly, you can also meet a general medicine practitioner, or even arrange a session with a psychologist. With mental health and physical wellbeing a priority as part of our interest in an integral work-life balance, Betterfly helps remote talent be well as much as possible.  

5. A Supportive Community 

Like we said, remote work can very much be a one-man show sometimes. You constantly need to handle many daily and yearly items on your own, with limited physical access to other colleagues.  

Under these conditions, a supportive community can make all the difference, which is unfortunately also among the rarest and most valuable company benefits for remote workers.  

Nearsure’s finance, account management, marketing, and customer care teams, for instance, work as a team, supporting each other with their goals year-round. Yet, we furthermore created our very own PeopleCare Team, which is made up by a group of individuals who are solely devoted to helping our talent with their overall wellbeing at the company, so our talent can focus on what they do best — nothing else. 

Seize the Chance at Great Compensation Packages 

With IT Talent being on high demand nowadays, we highly encourage they seek the utmost wellbeing in their working conditions. While a remote-first mindset as our own is known to help people in this field, we also know the value of a great compensation package to guarantee your work-life balance, career path, personal growth, and more.  

Can you think of more attractive benefits we should be offering or listing? Let us know in the comments section and don’t forget to check out our Careers page for open positions at Nearsure.