South American devs gain high reputation according to Stack Overflow survey

south american devs

With over 50 million professional and aspiring programmers all over the world visiting the site every month, Stack Overflow has become one of the largest and most trusted online communities for developers to share experiences, acquire knowledge, and find new career opportunities.

According to the most recent survey conducted by the company, the average reputation of top users is higher in South American countries like Peru (24.809), Colombia (21.094), Chile (18.080), Argentina (16.500), and Brazil (14.150).

With several globally competitive technical universities, the quantity and quality of Latin American tech talent have seen a significant rise over the last few years.

But the region has other unique and appealing advantages for US customers: time zone compatibility, travel proximity, and a workforce of 600 million people with good English skills and great cultural affinity.

For companies looking for cost-effective solutions, Latin American devs keep costs down without sacrificing the quality of work.

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Our remote-first model also provides an additional key benefit of outsourcing: it enables us to find the most experienced developers and programmers for even hard to find profiles, unique skill sets, and it allows us to offer a wide range of technology skills.

With Nearsure’s Americas-focused staffing and location, all team members are on the same time zone as US clients, and in most cases, a nonstop, same-day flight away when in—person meetings are called for. Our talent hails from US allied countries where populations are culturally connected to North America such as Costa Rica, México, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay.

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