Nearsure Sponsors Programming Language Expertise at the Elixir Conference 2023

Nearsure's sales expert at elixir conference 2023

TL; DR: Nearsure just sponsored the latest tech community gathering in Brooklyn, New York at the EMPEX NYC Elixir conference 2023. This blog article summarizes the importance of Elixir as a dynamic and functional programming language. It also gives a detailed account of the main talks that stood out in this in-person tech gathering. 

Earlier in June, Nearsure didn’t only make its way to EMPEX NYC, a “one day, single track conference dedicated to the Elixir programming language”, we also acted as a proud silver sponsor of this important tech event. For the first time ever, this premier regional conference was housed in Brooklyn, New York, as the event came back after a 4-year hiatus to gather the tech community. This blog article is our in-house account of the EMPEX NYC Elixir conference for 2023. Learn why Elixir is booming in the technology industry today and how to best integrate it into your corporate processes. 

Nearsure Made It to the Elixir Conference in NYC 

As part of our commitment to our clients but to also stay active where meaningful conversations are happening in the tech community, Nearsure executives in the Empire State traveled across the East River earlier this June to act on our latest sponsorship of another key event in tech. We were part of meaningful conversations for our industry while also taking in the latest and most excellent technical content in a rather intimate location. 

Far from the traditional conference setting, the new Brooklyn venue set the perfect stage for keynote speaker Heidi Howard’s opening talk on distributed systems, for example. In a keynote speech titled Making the impossible possible: Building distributed systems worthy of our trust, Howard shed insightful information not only on what’s possible but also quite the contrary. In the context of distributed computing, Microsoft’s senior researcher helped us conceive how we can further build strong distributed systems and tap into decentralization to also share key insight on this technology’s latest trends.  

The Importance of the Elixir Programming Language and Ecosystem 

As the Elixir programming language community calls it, this functional language is simply “taking the programming world by storm.”  

Elixir simplifies testing for almost everything in a codebase, while machine learning (ML) in Elixir, for example, is on the rise. This last point was also an area for discussion during the Elixir conference in NYC. Following Howard, Andrew Forward presented a real-life and very hands-on scenario of using this technology to build a recommendation engine for a specific platform without production ML experience or the use of Python.  

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As speaker Sean Moriarity, author of Genetic Algorithms in Elixir and creator of the Axon Library, also presented via his talk titled “The Future of Large Language Models is Elixir”, “Elixir is the best choice to power the LLM-powered applications of the future.” Large language models have shown great promise when it comes to generating code, and Elixir is ideal for aiding ML tool creation and improvement. 

Greatly dynamic, the language helps build scalable applications by leveraging features of the Erlang VM, Ruby, and Clojure. The mix provides this functional language low latency with high concurrency, giving it the special ability to handle large data volumes. 

The latest news about it is its latest Elixir v1.15 release. With Erlang/OTP 24 and later as requirements, this new updated version provides focused improvements in terms of compilation and boot times. Yet, the build also highlights new features, including log rotation and out of the box compaction. 

We’re Proud Silver Sponsors and Attendees of the Elixir Conference 2023 in NYC 

Nearsure is honored to have backed this significant Elixir conference in NYC. We’re proud to continue to invest in collaborative growth across this industry and welcome long-term business partnerships that take the latest technological advances to the next level.  

So far, these sorts of EMPEX conferences have taken place in NYC as well as Los Angeles and Salt Lake City throughout the years. Our C-Level executives, account managers, and business development teams are also constantly attending events all across the United States, seeking to keep updated with the latest trends in technology to boost businesses spanning every industry.  

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss potential business partnerships and scale your teams and projects quickly for outstanding results in product and software development.  

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