Nearsure Has Just Won Two Stevie Awards!

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Nearsure Has Just Won Two Stevie Awards!

Known as the world’s premier business awards, the coveted Stevie® Awards honor the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and working professionals around the world.  This year, Nearsure has just won two of these highly prestigious world recognitions!

Our CEO, Giuliana Corbo, has won the Silver Award for Woman of the Year in the Business Services Industries category to add to her already impressive resume. Nearsure as the fully remote nearshore outsourcing company Corbo is leading has furthermore received the Silver Award for its Achievement in Customer Satisfaction.

On the recently received recognitions, Nearsure’s Chief Growth Officer, Fernando González, has expressed the awards to “have given Nearsure renewed energy and motivation to keep pushing ourselves to be the best it can be. The team will continue to champion these values as we grow and evolve as a company.” It’s not without great enthusiasm that Nearsure’s CGO honors the company’s clients’ ability “to value the company´s sense of commitment to excellence while trusting them to deliver exceptional results.”  

On top of that, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, Iang Yim, has expressed Nearsure’s founders to be “deeply proud of the company’s new achievement as it’s confirmation of the vision we had for this new business in our group. When we first met Giuliana, we knew she had the identity to lead this new business.  Beyond the importance of a company vision, a team is the one driving a business forward, starting with its CEO and followed by every person she has trusted to be a part of the company.”  

Here’s how these awards became a reality for Nearsure in 2023.

Background and Information on the Stevie Awards 2023

By experience, a nomination to the Stevie Awards takes an entire internal team’s devoted time and resources. The stakes mean becoming a part of a “pantheon of past Stevie Award winners that include Acer Inc., Apple, BASF, BT, Ford Motor Company, ING, Procter & Gamble, Roche Group, and Samsung, among many others.”

From a pool of over 3.600 nominations spread throughout “eight Stevie Awards programs, each with its own focus, list of categories, and schedule” every nomination is run by a full judge review that’s conducted by more than 230 “of the world’s most respected executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, and business educators” who work over 10 specialized committees.    

With this thorough application and review process, each recognition stands as a true testament to a company’s hard work and dedication.  

On Becoming Woman of the Year in the Business Services Industries – Silver Awardee

Submissions to the Stevie Awards for Women in Business are open to anyone around the world. Every organization in our planet can be nominated for this category, which aims to “recognize the achievements of women executives, entrepreneurs, and the organizations they run.”

Under that wide spectrum of suitability, CEO Giuliana Corbo has just been honored with the Silver Stevie Award this year. This is yet another remarkable achievement by Nearsure’s top leader. As Nearsure’s CTO puts it, “We as Nearsure’s founders are very happy with the company’s evolution. With Giuliana having started in a different professional area of expertise, her growth in this field has been amazingly accelerated, a testament to her ability to take on any challenges to come her way.”

And the assertion is on-point. At this point, Giuliana’s long list of achievements already includes many previous recognitions, including three impressive 2022’s Gold GLOBEE® Award placements for Women in Business as Female CEO and Female Executive of the Year specifically in Information Technology Products or Services with a third golden medal for Woman Excellence of the Year in Outsourcing. Her previous Silver GLOBEE® Win came as CEO Achiever for the Leader of the Year category.

On this new prize, our CEO considers 2023’s Silver Stevie Award to be another perfect opportunity to inspire all women to keep making a difference and thriving for a leading participation in the field of technology. Especially received on Girls in ICT Day, this recognition is a perfect reminder of just how much the presence of women and girls along with other minorities in this field matters.  

As Nearsure’s CGO expresses, the company is “especially proud that our CEO has been recognized in a male-dominated industry. This is a significant achievement that underscores the importance of breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for underrepresented groups.”  

2023’s Stevie Silver Award for Nearsure’s Achievement in Customer Satisfaction

As part of a group of companies that has been in business for over 15 years in the Latin American recruitment industry, Nearsure takes great pride in bridging meaningful connections with highly demanding US companies to effectively reduce their time-to-market by accessing top Latin American IT talent. In this quest to increase their clients’ ability to scale and quickly ramp up teams that deliver excellent performance, Nearsure strives to provide industry-leading solutions with an honest, personal, and very human approach.  

Recent reviews include testaments of valuable clients who have “found the most impressive aspect of this company to be their diverse and inclusive culture. They focus on bringing unity: the whole part of competition is removed from them. They focus on the partnership between us and building a relationship, not just selling their services. They also make each partner feel like they’re the only one.”

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Despite and perhaps thanks to an achieved 100% growth year-on-year, we at Nearsure, and Giuliana Corbo especially, have been emphatic internally and externally about growing exponentially without losing our people-oriented focus. As a company, we genuinely believe in honest and transparent communications as much as in building meaningful connections as a way of doing business.  

Hence, for its CGO Fernando González, this award is also “a reflection of the positive feedback that we have received from our clients. It is an honor to know that they value our commitment to excellence and trust us to deliver exceptional results.” In his words, the company is “humbled by their continued support and will strive to exceed their expectations with every project we undertake.”

Nearsure has also been awarded Inc. 5,000’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America last year and plans to grow to over 1,000 professionals by 2024. As Iang Yim states, “As we supply many people’s needs in Latin America to access interesting projects in the US directly with every guarantee covered by a quasi-local, ever-present company, we keep placing bit bets on our teams, especially on every member’s capacity to reach ambitious goals.” We couldn’t be prouder of all the successes we’ve attained over the years, and plan to build many more in the near- and long-term future.  

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