International Women’s Day: Why It Matters in Technology

Two women of the IT industry working together

A new International Women’s Day is here and so are worldwide marches, D&I initiatives, meaningful conversations, and all sorts of different activities right in the public light! Months of preparation, but furthermore years in the making have been building up to today’s international communion. This year, especially, UN Women and the United Nations has set the theme for International Women’s Day 2023 as “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality.” What a lovely focus for our industry, especially! 

Taking the above into consideration, we consider today, March 8, to be a great day to highlight and recap everything Nearsure is doing day-in-and-day-out to foster women’s empowerment in tech out of Latin America to service North American clients. Here’s a quick yet insightful read on how we do business, how we think, and grow together as much as our general corporate actions for women empowerment in the tech sector today. 

Why is March 8 Important as International Women’s Day 2023? 

For many social and corporate activist groups throughout the globe, March 8 is a day to make visible and commemorate the constant struggle that it means to move women’s rights and women’s empowerment forward while keeping at those precise efforts.  

While commemorating every achievement to date, especially those brave women before us who have settled the ground base for so much progress on this front, it is with a bittersweet taste that we also remember all those female, feminized, and diverse bodies that have faced — and continue to deal with — significant violence, setbacks, passive and active aggressions of diverse sorts due to the mere nature of their assigned sex at birth. The conversation can’t truly be lighter.  

While marked within the realm of gender rights and activism, this precise date is furthermore an occasion to allow women to come to the forefront with their powerful voices and actions for change. In the process, the goal is to continue to allow women and related minorities to flourish, group, meet up, and build each other up further next to valuable allies. 

Women’s Empowerment: Why It Matters in Tech & Nearshore Outsourcing, Especially 

Why women’s rights matter in the tech industry in particular has been widely discussed in the above scenario. Following the UN Women’s initiative as one single resource example, we need to acknowledge how “Women make up only 22 per cent of artificial intelligence workers globally,” that 44.2 per cent out of 133 AI systems analyzed across the globe and across industries still show gender bias, and that at least “73% of women journalists from 125 countries […] have suffered online violence in the course of their work.” This is today’s global stance. The reality is that “259 million fewer women have access to the Internet than men, even though women account for nearly half the world’s population.” The data on the topic is eye-opening. 

Part of what we have done to counter the above need for change at Nearsure, precisely, is be active agents of said change — heavily so within our region. We’re tracking history in the process, as well.  

On that note, our VP of New Revenue recently highlighted how the role of women in the tech industry has evolved, making a clear gender parity in tech much more visible throughout our public channels. As we said then, “recent data still shows women in technology holding a minority of tech jobs with the figure recently sitting at a mere 25%.” Yet, these facts, we’ve found, are also no reason to despair, leave our efforts subside to any potential tiredness, or weaken our endeavors by any means. 

On the contrary, and as our CEO Giuliana Corbo highlighted as part of her Forbes Tech Council position, global actions for equality on this front are bringing back positive results. We rest in that positivity, also. As our top female leader puts it, “what we’re doing as women and other diverse role models in the business industry is helping future generations thrive,” and executive women are certainly making an impact in the tech industry as much as other fields. 

How Nearsure Fosters Women Empowerment Every Day  

Nearsure focuses on supporting women in tech year-round to make the industry more accessible to all. As a company, we partner with communities and organizations that collaborate with women in tech through education, financial support, and more.  

We also organize webinars and in person-talks to provide visibility for women in this space. Being aware that sharing knowledge to build up women in this field is a top priority, our webinars have included conversations on “Going beyond seniority, being a leader in IT” with Julissa Mateo Abad, ambassador to women in tech and founder of TICSRD, for example.  

Other ways in which we foster empowerment for women in tech include collaboration with FemIT and Women Hack. We sponsor events, such as the WomenHack on which we recently collaborated in Sao Paulo, and help provide scholarships to build up women, like the ones we can sponsor through the Codear Futura program with MediaChicas.  

Through this last program, we were able to provide scholarships for 200 women throughout the LATAM region. We were also part of the Dare to Be event on International Women’s Day in Brazil, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic.  

Going Beyond the “Happy Women’s Day” Wishes: Calling for Meaningful Change 

Our constant measures as a company for female empowerment take us well beyond a wish for a “Happy Women’s Day!” greeting today to all women around us. Though valuable, we instead follow a very common recommendation to stand by as allies, minorities, and especially women by being active in fostering and/or commemorating our constant and daily fight for women’s rights and female empowerment with those communities devoted to building women up in this field, as we stated earlier. 

Our last point today for anyone wanting to follow these footsteps is sharing the question needing constant answering for us in the field, which is: How do we continue to foster equity, equality, and inclusion for women and other minorities in our workplaces, at home, in all diverse public and private spheres? The answers accompanied by solid action to move forward are more than deserving for our current stance, however you find them and however you can act upon them.  

So, Let Us Know What You’re Doing for International Women’s Day Today! 

If you’re commemorating International Women’s Day 2023, we want to hear all about it! Share your initiatives and actions with us, via our blog’s comments or on our social media. We look forward to continuing much-needed growth and collaboration in this field for all.