Exercising True AI Power: The Secret behind More Intuitive Interfaces

TL; DR: This blog unveils a precise description of newfound AI power to build intuitive interfaces that best enhance user experiences and business processes. The reading includes a definition and description of value on intuitive interfaces to then present diverse AI applications. Ranging from generative AI to Augmented Reality while also surveying features like voice

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Key Benefits of Creating Your Dataverse with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE

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Startup Portfolio Management: How Tech Partners Can Help

TL; DR: This blog highlights the variety of technologies, platforms, and services solid tech partners can offer to quickly boost startup portfolios. Tailored especially for Venture Capitalist (VC) investors,... Read More >

Simplifying Figma to AEM Integration with SyncCX 

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Elevate Your Game: Unleashing Dynamics 365 with Copilot

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Guiding Product Discovery: Where to Start when Building New Products

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Leading Distributed Teams: Leadership Styles for a Hybrid Workplace 

TL; DR: The article explores the evolving work landscape, emphasizing the need for adapting leadership styles in distributed teams post-pandemic. It discusses four key leadership styles, their relevance in... Read More >

How Low code is Transforming App Development

TL; DR: Low code development is revolutionizing software creation by simplifying coding tasks for developers. With the low code market projected to hit $30 billion by 2024, this article... Read More >

What DevOps Is and Why IT Decision-Makers Think It’s a Game-Changer

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Making Remote and Hybrid Work Sustainable in the Long Run

TL;DR: As remote and hybrid work becomes increasingly common, it’s essential to adopt best practices to ensure that this way of working is both fulfilling and sustainable. To help... Read More >