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Since 2010, Chexout has been helping public health organizations digitize clinics and operations, working in state, territory, county, city, and local health departments from Hawaii to the US Virgin Islands.

Chexout offers a cloud-based software solution that helps healthcare organizations develop patient portals, monitoring and communications, clinic management, lab communications, contact tracing, investigation management, analytics, and more. 

The Challenge

Our internal development cycles have accelerated in ways we could have never imagined with the pandemic. We truly have to keep moving and developing around the clock to deliver to a client base under extraordinary stress.

Joe Paulini, CEO

Due to the onset of the pandemic in March 2020, there was an urgent need to help public organizations track COVID-19 exposure.

This required an agile software development team to rapidly build new features and functionality by customizing Chexout’s Contact Tracing suite for COVID-19 specific use. 

To meet the critical demand for COVID-19 functionality, Chexout sought to bolster its software development team with senior engineers who could work across time zones to create a near 24-hour product development cycle.

This capability was crucial to Chexout’s ability to deliver to a client base under extreme pressure and stress, many facing life-or-death consequences from the pandemic.

The Solution


Senior Software Developers and QA Engineers

This team worked in development scrums with other teams across time zones to develop new COVID-19 tracking capabilities and functionalities, incorporating Chexout client requests and feedback in near real-time.

Technology Stack

Chexout’s digital platform relies on:

  • Java Java
  • Docker Docker
  • Go Go
  • JUnit JUnit
  • Angular Angular
  • Spring Boot Spring Boot
  • AWS technologies AWS technologies


Chexout selected Nearsure for its client-focused intensity and culture of excellence. They brought really good people to the table that consistently deliver customer satisfaction day after day.

Joe Paulini, CEO


With an upcoming NCAA tournament in spring 2021, the city of Indianapolis selected Chexout to deploy a COVID tracking solution. The turnaround time for the project was 23 days, requiring seamless around-the-clock collaboration and workflow agility to speed time to project completion.    

Nearsure’s support was critical in innovating Chexout’s COVID tracking solution by helping to build in a predictive modeling functionality while incorporating over 20,000 local Indianapolis businesses and organizations into the platform. 

 Nearsure’s team continues to help support Chexout’s rapid growth and demand for solutions, ensuring speed to market for new features and capabilities along with a rapid response to immediate client requests and feedback.

Overall benefits include:

  • Enhanced speed to market for new features, updates, and capabilities critical to healthcare organizations during the pandemic
  • Collaboration across time zones, backed by the best talent match from both a technical and a soft skills standpoint
  • A problem-solving approach focused on delivering the best customer service

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