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We take pride in working only with the brightest talent from all corners of the world. Are you up to the challenge?

What Makes Us Unique

Our Company Is Thriving — And You Get to Be a Key Part of the Ride

Nearsure has been growing and winning awards non-stop, and we know our teams to be the ones driving the best part of our long list of successes. How do we do it? We only hire the best and kindest professionals. Join us and be a key player in our continued growth!

Competitive Benefits in a Human-Oriented Culture

Competitive Benefits in a Human-Oriented Culture

Yes, we’re competitive about our offer to our amazing talent, and boast great pride in our unique compensation packages. What’s more, we know we’re built on a human-oriented vision of a company that genuinely cares about its people before anything else.

Whether at our front or back of the house, building long-lasting relationships of value with people is our core objective. Want to be a part of this?

Global Talent, Closer than Ever

Distributed around the world, our teams come together by our shared passion and commitment. At Nearsure, we trust people to do their work. In the process, we focus on making sure everyone feels supported and a valuable part of our culture to always seize multiple growth opportunities.

Global Talent, Closer than Ever

Agile, Quick, Forward-thinking Development

Versed in over 160 different technologies with the latest advancements as our allies, we seek innovative, top-notch, world-class talent to join our forward-thinking teams across the board.

Borderless, Limitless_ Gain Work-Life Balance & Flexibility Doing What You Love

Borderless, Limitless: Gain Work-Life Balance & Flexibility Doing What You Love

The ability to choose between being fully remote, hybrid or in-office 100% isn’t the way of the future; it’s the way we work today. Boundless in our growth, we support you wherever you are. Regain your work-life balance doing what you love. We’re here to support you every step of your professional journey.

Be Part of an Ever-growing Community

Creativity and innovation come in all shapes and sizes, and one thing is for sure: plurality helps us grow. Knowing diversity as our strength and differences as nourishing to us, we constantly seek to create amazing opportunities for everyone on board — and those coming new to us.

Be Part of an Ever-growing Community

Our company takes pride in fostering a friendly, welcoming, human-focused, and flexible community. We also aim to truly celebrate diversity in all forms. We thus exercise a growing focus on diversifying our identifications, including those around gender, age, sexual orientation, social and ethnic backgrounds.

At Nearsure, we truly enjoy working with people from different cultures, we value active listening, and respect independent viewpoints. Our collaborators’ unique traits drive us to become the best version of ourselves with a rich culture that helps us build ground-breaking results with every iteration.

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What’s the Best Part about Working at Nearsure?

Hear it straight from our talent. Look at what our team has to say.

“I’ve been working at Nearsure as Senior WordPress developer at a top US agency, which has allowed me to evolve not only professionally, but also personally.

Aside from the flexibility we have of remote work, I feel that Nearsure really cares about us as employees and offers great benefits to help us have and keep a healthy work-life balance.

The support we get from everyone at Nearsure is extraordinary and the connections we are building are for life.”
Frontend Developer 

“Working for Nearsure has even absolutely great! I’m a senior UX/UI designer working for a USA company in a huge redesign project. I’ve been learning more and more every day and I’m always excited about the new challenges that are going to come.

Nearsure’s team has been excellent since my arrival, making me feel welcomed and supported every step of the way.

They’re not just concerned about my deliveries, but also about my well-being. I’m very happy to be working in one of the best jobs I ever had!”
UX/UI Designer 

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“I highly recommend Nearsure as an exceptional place to build your career as a software developer. The company fosters a dynamic and collaborative work environment, providing a lot of opportunities for growth. 

With an emphasis on employee well-being, competitive compensation packages, and a commitment to cutting-edge technologies, I’ve found it to be an ideal place to thrive professionally.

Joining this company has been a rewarding journey, and I encourage others to explore the possibilities it offers in the software development field.”
Backend Developer


“Nearsure has been my best professional experience. Even at a distance, Nearsure can welcome us and take care of us in such a good way. Today,

I have the opportunity to work for a client from the United States, which has made me improve technically while I dive into their work culture”
Backend Developer

Our Diverse and Inclusive Talent Pool

We are continuously working on creating spaces that truly foster collaboration, creativity, and a sense of belonging. Whether remote or sharing working spaces, we’re always nearby.


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