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Nearsure strives to become a reliable one-stop partner for the most forward-thinking brands around the world, helping them uncover their full potential.

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How We Became Your Go-to Partner

Nearsure was born in Uruguay in 2018 when a group of technology experts and solutions-oriented professionals turned a dream into reality. Merging their profound expertise with a sharp business vision and a passion for delivering high-quality solutions, they started working with world-class companies who needed to elevate their tech game.

With deep Latin American roots and a global vision, they found a winning formula to solve the need of top tech talent for US companies while providing world-class job opportunities.

Nearsure experienced an explosive growth year-on-year since the start. Fostering a culture of innovation, unparalleled quality, and a distinctive hybrid model, we’ve championed the steadfast service delivery that defines us.

As a result, a network of over 70,000 of the tech-savviest candidates spreads all over the world today, and boosts Nearsure’s operations.


LATAM Hubs, Global Talent

There’s exceptional talent everywhere, and we’re creating hubs and growing in those regions where it concentrates to share an amazing expertise with the world.

LATAM has so much to offer in such an incredibly rich culture that its highly skilled, English-savvy tech professionals can easily make the best of shared time zones with the US and Canada for unmatched talent results for any project.

We’re expanding globally and will be where great talent and new opportunities arise.



Our North Star

Nearsure aims to become the one-stop reliable partner for trailblazing clients across the globe, helping them thrive in the ever-changing technology landscape with the help of highly qualified IT talent.


How We Chart Our Course


Hybrid and Flexible Model

Our talent can enjoy the perks of remote work, but also drop their PJ’s to go to our physical offices across LATAM and make the best of face-to-face team interactions.
We believe in creating an environment that empowers people to do their best work and enjoy their lives. We focus on a healthy work-life balance without losing our team spirit.


Best Opportunities

We collaborate on challenging and exciting US projects to open amazing opportunities for unique tech professionals.
We take pride in building robust career paths for our talent to grow, cultivate tech excellence, and continue providing value for our partners and clients.


Empowering Uniqueness

We believe diversity leads to more creative solutions and innovative outcomes. Female empowerment and egalitarian career opportunities are core to our mission.
We cherish our talent’s individual perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds and work tirelessly to foster a culture where everyone feels at home.

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Our Diverse and Inclusive Talent Pool

We are continuously working on creating spaces that truly foster collaboration, creativity, and a sense of belonging. Whether remote or sharing working spaces, we’re always nearby.


Savvy Tech Talent


Hubs in Latin America


Attrition Rate


Female Leadership


Awards & Recognitions

Each achievement gets us closer to our north star.


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Leadership Team

Get to know the people leading Nearsure’s success.

Giuliana Corbo

Giuliana leads Nearsure’s sustained growth with her technology, business development, and finance expertise. She’s also an active member of the Forbes Technology Council, where she shares insight into the industry’s latest developments and advocates for empowering women in the tech space.

Iang Yim
Director & CTO

Iang is passionate about all things tech, especially about making processes as lean as possible with an Agile mindset. He’s continuously looking for areas of improvement to ensure Nearsure keeps working with the most effective tools in the market to deliver high value at all times.

Hernán Susunday
Chief Information Officer

Certified as Project Management Professional (PMP); Scrum Master (CSM) with certifications also in Digital Transformation, Design Thinking, and Change Management, Hernán specializes in managing operations for tech companies, effectively boosting their efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Diego Garagorry
Chief Operating Officer

Diego is an electric engineer with an Executive MBA in the IAE Business School with courses and certifications oriented to management (PMP) and agility (CSM, CSD, CSPC). He’s a passionate professional with +16 years of experience in the IT sector, building successful teams and helping Nearsure excel.


Fernando Gonzalez
Chief Growth Officer

Fer brings extensive experience in B2B marketing strategy, content, and product development to Nearsure. He’s skilled in digital marketing and strategic planning and was a university professor for many years. Under his guidance, our company is even better positioned to continue its growth and success in the tech industry.


Bruno Carrabs
Chief Financial Officer

Bruno holds a bachelor’s degree in administration and finance and has vast experience leading processes for companies in the tech field. His work guarantees that Nearsure’s endeavors and support services continue to run adequately and successfully.

Agustin Sedano
Chief Capacity Officer

Agustin is Nearsure’s Chief Capacity Officer, holding over 15 years of experience in sales, IT headhunting, and executive search. He excels in operations management, negotiation, and continuous improvement of SLAs. With his leadership and expertise, Nearsure is well-equipped to achieve its growth goals and deliver high-quality services to its clients.