The Benefits of Working with an IT Staff Augmentation Company

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What to Expect from an IT Staff Augmentation Company

A market analysis from 2016 to 2019 found that US businesses were only able to fill six of every 10 open tech positions. The competition for IT talent has become even fiercer as of late, especially in the face of the Great Resignation. But that doesn’t mean that businesses don’t still need quality tech professionals in their workforce — in fact, the demand for them is escalating. One answer? IT staff augmentation.

There isn’t a shortage of talent, per se. Instead, tech professionals are choosing alternative paths — not necessarily full-time employment. Employers, too, are faced with different prospects and models for ensuring their businesses have the tech talent they need. For many, the staff augmentation model has proven to be highly advantageous, even more so than in-house recruitment methods in a number of cases.

What is IT staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing model that utilizes outside talent to boost skills and competencies on your current or in-house team. Organizations turn to this method in order to fill in gaps or address shortages on their teams for short-term needs or longer-term projects.

Staff augmentation workers are typically employed by outside companies but immerse themselves in your organization, working alongside your employees to complete the tasks and responsibilities at hand.

6 Benefits of staff augmentation

1. Expertise

IT staff augmentation companies typically bring a high degree of expertise to your team. These organizations can offer extensive knowledge to assist your own staff with their projects and initiatives.

2. Cost-effectiveness

Software developers and technology specialists are expensive. Add full-time salaries on top of recruiting, onboarding, overhead, and training expenses, and you’re looking at a steep cost. But with staff augmentation services, you don’t have to spend funds on these additional costs — the outside partner organization will pay their own employees and expenses. This can lower your own fees substantially.

3. Specialized skill sets

One reason why businesses choose staff augmentation is that they lack the necessary skills to complete particular projects in-house. An external partner can offer a fresh perspective and these missing qualifications wherever they are needed.

4. Oversight

Some organizations fear losing control over their projects when they turn to outside teams. But this doesn’t need to be a worry when you choose staff augmentation services. You will maintain total oversight over your initiatives and responsibilities, keeping the channels of communication open and relying on point people to ensure smooth collaboration.

5. Scalability

Staffing augmentation is a scalable model, allowing you to add IT specialists as needed. When your organization grows and you need more hands on deck, you can always increase the number of developers on hand. This, in turn, will enable you to scale your services, too.

6. Flexibility

This type of model offers you an enormous amount of flexibility. You can ask for assistance as needed, and when you no longer want the aid of a staff augmentation company, you will simply be able to discontinue the services — and then turn to them again should you want additional help and support.

What to consider

1. Industry

IT services are crucial to a wide variety of fields, niches, and industries. When choosing the right staff augmentation partner for you, look for one that has expertise and experience in your niche, working with similar businesses in your sector. That way, they will understand your needs, particularities, and requirements.

2. Cultural fit

Tech talent exists around the world, and thanks to remote teams and collaboration, you can work with partners in different countries. However, it’s still important to take into account the cultural fit. You don’t want to encounter communication barriers or mismatched work styles.

Many North American businesses choose Latin America IT staffing services because professionals in this region share cultural similarities, which often leads to a smoother workflow and partnership. Moreover, they tend to have strong English proficiency, so there is a lower likelihood of miscommunication.

3. Project scope

It’s also critical to think about the project itself. What does it entail? Which types of resources will you need? What are the goals and objectives for the project? What is the length you’re anticipating? Before hiring outside teams, you should carefully assess the project scope.

4. Time to market

How soon are you looking to release your product or services? It’s important to take time into account when evaluating potential partners. Some may be better equipped to work efficiently — and provide you with more manpower — than others.

Is IT staff augmentation the answer to your technological woes?

When you partner with a top staff augmentation company like Nearsure, you will bring expertise, specialized skillsets, and greater efficiency to your organization, allowing you to deliver projects on time and fill in the gaps. For many, this is the answer to boosting your services and assisting your in-house team members, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition and improve your workflows and brand reputation.