Nearsure Strengthens its LATAM Footprint with a New Office in São Paulo

Nearsure employees celebrating the opening of their new office in São Paulo

TL; DR: Nearsure has officially opened a brand-new office in São Paulo, Brazil, as part of its remarkable company growth in Latin America. The new quarters will serve as a physical work and meeting space for team members and clients alike. In it, the company will host activities for the local tech community, encourage collaboration, networking, and generate career growth and development opportunities for its talent. This article describes all the details around this new venue for Nearsure. 

I’m over the moon as I officially announce Nearsure’s brand-new office opening in the bustling city of São Paulo, Brazil! Our newest office is now up and running, marking yet another enormous milestone in our corporate journey.  

We at Nearsure are confident that this physical space will continue to strengthen our company’s growth in Latin America as we keep expanding our offer to the savviest local tech talent. Here’s all there is to know about it! 

The Story Behind Our First Workspace in São Paulo 

Nearsure began its operations in Brazil in 2020. Since then, we’ve experienced an exuberant, award-winning annual growth rate of 150%. While that’s magnificent in itself, the progress we’ve experienced in the last few years has also allowed us to grasp the long list of benefits that derive from us holding a stronger presence in the land of Carnaval. Thanks to our experience, we now see our current team of over 90 devs as just the beginning of our journey in Brazil. 

The reasons behind this new location’s opening are quite affirmative. We’re always seeking growth in regions with remarkable IT expertise, and Brazil simply stands out in that sense. The country presents a broad and attractive market with great skills in software development and a proficient level of English, which is just what we need to further our position as the ideal tech partner for our clients.  

This is a new big step as we pursue our main goal: connecting the most demanding North American businesses with outstanding remote IT talent. Our model seeks to provide quick and cost-effective staff augmentation and outsourcing solutions. 

What’s more, we’re excited to have more Brazilian talent join our already extensive network. We therefore have big plans to double our total talent headcount in Brazil by 2024, which means our future keeps looking very bright! 

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We’re a 100% Remote Business, But We’re Also People-focused 

To achieve our goals, we’re also all about fostering interaction and collaboration, especially when it comes to working within a local tech community. Therefore, while we take great pride in being a remote-first company, we also recognize the core importance of offering physical venues throughout the continent where our people can come together. We seek to create fun and positive environments for everyone.  

With that in mind, our workspace in São Paulo is strategically located in the buzzing Vila Madalena Office Space, a hub known for its innovation-driven atmosphere in a city that already houses one of the largest pools of world-class tech talent. 

This brand-new office is meant to provide a safe physical work and meet-up space for our team members and clients in Brazil to hold in-person meetings and human face-to-face interactions should they wish to engage in them. We’re not forcing anyone into brick-and-mortar solutions if they aren’t for them. 

We’ll Also Keep Exciting Opportunities Coming  

The newly inaugurated office space will also serve as a key spot for us to actively promote an exchange of knowledge and ideas with our local tech talent. It aims to cultivate a strong sense of community among local tech enthusiasts.  

Nearsure’s new quarters will host a variety of activities, including our now traditional and exciting hackathons, various networking events, workshops, and training sessions of diverse kinds.  

Nearsure Keeps Celebrating Achievements!  

Like so many achievements, big and small, opening a brand-new office space deserves to be shared and celebrated. This is why, on our new office’s opening day, we hosted a launch party that brought together Nearsure’s teams and collaborators along with key members of the local developer community.  

The event was a success and a great opportunity for everyone to see each other, connect with one another, and celebrate Nearsure’s continuous growth, while also getting a glimpse of our first Brazil office space.  

Thank You for Your Continued Contributions to Our Unique Success 

I therefore want to send a special note of appreciation to everyone who joined us for this opening! Thank you for diving into this exciting adventure with us.  

Moreover, thank you to everyone who made this happen for us! Nearsure couldn’t have done any of this without an always awesome team behind it and the amazing sets of clients we have who keep making our dreams and successes a vibrant reality. 

Let’s keep building lasting relationships in Brazil and elsewhere in this continent. We look forward to building long-term relationships of value with our clients, the incredible individuals we recruit as part of our professional teams, and all our partners. We keep fueling progress and innovation together in the tech world, and that’s a great feeling to hold. 

Are you interested in joining us? Let’s connect and explore exciting opportunities side by side!