Recruiting Tech Talent in 2024: Trends & Best Practices

TL; DR: Explore the trends and transformations reshaping tech talent recruitment in 2024. From the rise of skills-based hiring to innovative nearshoring strategies, this article provides key insights to help you stay ahead in this dynamic landscape and attract the savviest talent.  Navigating the nuances of tech talent recruitment? Drawing from my experience, securing top-tier

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2024’s Key 5 Tech Trends in the Green Energy Industry

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How Web 3.0 is Reshaping E-commerce

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Hack Angular Development with These Best Practices

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Business AI in 2024: Is the Market Ready?

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Your 2024 Roadmap to Spark Team Motivation 

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What’s in a Tech Lead’s Skills Kit? 

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Making a Difference: Nearsure’s Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives 

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Nearsure’s CEO Is the New 2023 BIG Awards’ Woman of the Year

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