Exercising True AI Power: The Secret behind More Intuitive Interfaces

TL; DR: This blog unveils a precise description of newfound AI power to build intuitive interfaces that best enhance user experiences and business processes. The reading includes a definition and description of value on intuitive interfaces to then present diverse AI applications. Ranging from generative AI to Augmented Reality while also surveying features like voice

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Nearsure Shines with Top Honors at the Stevie Awards 2024

TL; DR: This article highlights Nearsure’s recent accolades, including the Silver Stevie Award for Company of the Year in Business & Professional Services and Giuliana Corbo’s Gold Stevie Award... Read More >

Nearsure’s CEO Is the New 2023 BIG Awards’ Woman of the Year

TL; DR: This article explores Nearsure’s inaugural participation in 2023’s BIG Awards for Business, which garnered CEO Giuliana Corbo the Woman of the Year title and placed the organization... Read More >

Nearsure Wins 2 New Rounds of Gold Globee Business Awards

As go-to partner for all imaginable technological solutions, Nearsure is more than proud to announce a new set of gold wins in this year’s prestigious Globee Business and Globee... Read More >

Nearsure Is Listed as Part of Clutch 100 Fastest Growing Companies 2023!

TL; DR: Nearsure has now been listed in the top 1% of providers in Clutch 100 Fastest growing companies for 2023’s Top IT Staff Augmentation Companies category. This blog... Read More >

Nearsure Has Just Won Two Stevie Awards!

Nearsure Has Just Won Two Stevie Awards! Known as the world’s premier business awards, the coveted Stevie® Awards honor the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and working professionals... Read More >

Five Essential Coding Hacks to Write Better, Simpler Code

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your code management processes? Are you really looking for true coding hacks to make your life easier? We certainly know you’re not alone. Writing... Read More >

Project management skills: Four great tips for developers

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Key Signs You’ve Reached Developers’ Seniority

You’re probably dreaming of the day you can proudly add “Senior Software Developer” to your rĂ©sumĂ©, no? If you’ve already reached developers’ seniority, doesn’t that feel good?  Wherever you... Read More >

What is Making Florida a Tech Hub?

Why Are People Talking About Florida as a Tech Hub?  Let’s be honest. What comes to mind when you first think of Florida? Snowbirds, Miami beach, maybe not Miami... Read More >