Empowering Women in Tech: 8 Ways to Break the Glass Ceiling

The technology sector stands as one of the essential driving forces for economic growth, steering advancements that shape our society. Yet, it also remains an arena predominantly navigated by men. Women in tech are historically underrepresented. Less than 35% of us are working in the industry right now, a figure that, despite gradual increases, underscores

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How Client-Driven Innovation Shaped Nearsure’s New Service Offer

As we step into 2024, I find myself reflecting on the journey that has brought both Nearsure and myself to this point. Our path has been paved with valuable... Read More >

Key Pointers On Feedback In The Tech World With A Female Focus

According to researcher Hana El-Samad, “We, and all organisms, are an evolutionary masterpiece of multiscale feedback control,” which is precisely “what makes both the technological and natural worlds possible.” Challenging... Read More >

Leading In The Age Of Remote Work: Key Factors For Corporate Success

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How I Became An Award-Winning CEO Of A Tech Company—And How You Can, Too

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Where Healthcare Meets Tech: Three Crucial Areas Of Discussion

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Nearsure Strengthens its LATAM Footprint with a New Office in São Paulo

TL; DR: Nearsure has officially opened a brand-new office in São Paulo, Brazil, as part of its remarkable company growth in Latin America. The new quarters will serve as... Read More >

How Nearsure is Supporting the Latest Advancements in Healthcare and Tech

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Travelling to Mendoza went beyond a business trip

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Nearsure interviews Mysten Labs’ Engineering Manager

At Nearsure, we keep making strides into making powerful women visible. On this occasion, we’re honored to be showcasing an interview with Mysten Labs’ Engineering Manager Anwaya Aras. As... Read More >