Guiding Product Discovery: Where to Start when Building New Products

TL; DR: This blog by Nearsure’s Head of Technology Solutions, Cesar Costa, on product discovery stresses the need for proper initiation and guidance in any product-building project in today’s business landscape with the help of technology. In a conversational tone, the article provides image representations of the product lifecycle as it also describes the main

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The Modern Tech Stack Guide for Financial Companies 

TL; DR: The fintech landscape demands a sophisticated tech stack, moving beyond clunky tools to integrated, user-centric solutions. This guide delves into the present fintech scenario, methods to evaluate... Read More >

EdTech’s Impact: 5 Transformative Trends in Education

TL; DR: In pursuit of enhancing learning, EdTech companies play a crucial role in revolutionizing education. They develop products that increase accessibility, promote remote learning, provide data-driven insights, and... Read More >