8 Great Tech Hubs in North America

How many tech hubs can you name anywhere between Canada and the US right now? It must be hard pressed to come up with more than a couple tech hubs in North America right off the bat, no?  

 Whether you’re an executive and decision-maker or just looking at general tech information in the region, it certainly pays to stay informed about major tech cities in the U.S. and elsewhere nowadays.  

The Benefits of Staying Updated with Tech Hubs in North America 

 Being aware of the opportunities and offerings in each tech hub around the globe right now will give anyone in the tech industry a greater understanding of it along with its booming potential for growth. Knowing your tech hubs in the USA and further also allows you to keep up with emerging trends while building up on connections and partnerships with firms and experts of whom you may not have been aware.  

 More importantly, getting to know the unique resources offered by the biggest tech hubs in North America enables professionals to visit sought-after locations, the latest tech conferences and other events to stay on top of their game, network with the leaders in the industry, expand their knowledge base, and gain additional insight from the most important players. 

 In this article, we’ll explore 8 great tech hubs in North America, what each one has to offer in their uniqueness, its culture, and any related job opportunities. 

8 of the Biggest Tech Hubs in North America 

  1. Silicon Valley 

 We have to say it, and it has to come first. Here’s the mother of all the biggest tech hubs not just in North America, but around the world. This is where every single startup in the world aspires to be. The reason for it goes beyond the Intel’s and similar companies’ work on chips back in the 1970s. While that’s what coined this region its name, the highly productive tech scene in the area has made Santa Clara a go-to reference around the entire globe. It started off as a region apt for work on electronics and today is the mecca of all new tech inventions and other leading innovations for our niche. Housing “thirty of the Fortune 1000 businesses and one-third of all venture capital investment,” this is where most businesses aspire to call their thriving home. 

  1. Austin, Texas  

 We’re following up with Austin, Texas. This city has rapidly become one of the best US tech hubs thanks to its access to talent and capital. The city’s well-known university – the University of Texas at Austin – is also ranked amongst the top schools for engineering and computer science.  

 On top of that, Austin is relatively more affordable to live in contrast to the Bay Area or New York, which is appealing for tech professionals.  

 Enverus, Dropbox, and Bumble all have locations in Austin along with almost 6,000 startups.  

 Also, one of those large events that can’t be missed are hubbed here in Austin. Nearsure’s C-Level Team will certainly make it to SXSW for another year of what’s surely going to be another great Southby event.  

 Will you be there, as well? Contact us anytime if you’d like to explore business opportunities.  

  1. Seattle, Washington 

 Seattle is a unique U.S. tech hub thanks to its access to nearby nature through various parks and national forests. The combination of these factors has influenced a laid-back lifestyle as opposed to the fast-paced environment found in NYC or Silicon Valley. Many people prefer that over a hectic city, making Seattle an attractive business area for many.  

 Well over 600 startups spread throughout Seattle, and this part of the country is also home to large companies like Amazon, Tableau, and Highspot. 

  1. Toronto, Ontario 

 Toronto is one of the major tech hubs in Canada. Owing to its highly educated talent pool, supportive government, access to venture capital, diverse business sectors, and high-end infrastructure, it easily competes with hotspots in the U.S.  

 English and French are both official languages in Canada, and the country’s pro-immigration policies offer a major advantage to tech professionals who are looking to relocate.  

 Toronto also boasts over 250,000 tech employees and 15,000 companies! It was recently ranked in the top 10 among global cities for technological innovation.  

  1. Denver, Colorado 

 We know the thought of Denver sends you straight to those amazing Rocky Mountains. Yet, Denver is aso a U.S. tech hub that’s strategically situated between two other major cities – Salt Lake City and Kansas City. As such, Denver acts as a crossroads for business professionals.  

 Major companies such as Stack Overflow, Intel, Xero, and more are moving into the area, so it’s no surprise Denver is making a name for itself! 

 And those mountains…well, let’s just say the city’s proximity to gorgeous scenery, outdoor sports, and more offers businesses access to land and natural resources not typically found in other metropolitan cities. A great check to Colorado’s list! 

  1. Colorado Springs, Colorado 

 But that’s not it for the Centennial State at all! Colorado Springs has also quietly established itself as a hub worth mentioning in this list. Colorful Colorado is home to the cybersecurity industry, especially. This piece of land boasts 125+ companies (SecureSet Academy, Cybrary, and Kessel Run to name a few) and around 3,000 cybersecurity employees!  

 With universities like Colorado Technical University, top-rated STEM children’s education, and the renowned U.S. Air Force Academy, businesses have access to a solid talent pool here, as well.  

 Big-name employers like Intel, Apple, and Hewlett-Packard have helped draw talented professionals to the one tech hub in North America sitting near the fabulous Garden of the Gods. 

  1. Atlanta, Georgia 

 Moving further down to the heart of the southeast now, Atlanta has long been heralded as an IT hub in the USA. What sets it apart?  

 For starters, the sheer number of Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Atlanta is staggering at 16! Just to put that in perspective, there are only 38 of those spread across the entire Bay Area.  

 The city also boasts four top research universities and a huge pool of minority talent, with 49% of residents being African-American.  

 In the past decade, 12 Atlanta startups have grown to $1 billion in valuation, including Convoy, Mailchimp, and Secureworks.  

 Is Atlanta ringing a louder bell now? We’ll also be visiting this city at the end of March. Drop us a line if you’d like to connect with our team while we’re there.  

  1. Boston, Massachusetts  

 What would life in the US be without several of America’s most respected universities? 

Home to Harvard, MIT, and Boston University, Boston also hosts financial resources like JPMorgan and Fidelity Investments, giving startups access to both superbly qualified talent as much as capital.  

 This city’s blend of traditional manufacturing industries with an abundance of software companies like PaperlessParts and Tulip also provides a fair amount of jobs, upping the value of this particular tech hub in the USA.  

 Grabbing lunch in Quincy and heading back to business? Not unheard of for many tech professionals in the area.  

We Keep Exploring New Tech Hubs in the U.S. 

 There are more tech hubs in North America than the ones we’ve listed here, of course. Yet, the ones that made our list this time around offer some of the most unique cultural, geographical, and economic advantages.  

 We hope this recap acts as valuable resource of many high-quality alternatives to expand on your tech business or career. Make connections, build partnerships, or simply explore a new location for an exciting new move! We know we’re getting our feet closer to these and many more exciting new North American tech hubs every year.