Nearsure Keeps Strengthening Its Talent’s Software Development Skills

woman learning about software development skills

TL; DR: To further enhance its software development skills amongst the savviest of our Latin American tech talent, Nearsure is focusing on a mix of software development courses that include Cypress, Selenium, Appium and the latest SnowPro Core Certification. The company is also furthering frontend developer skills with practical developer programs on JavaScript unit testing, a more in-depth look at TypeScript, and a new specialized study of many of React aspects, amongst others.   

We’re glad to share the big steps Nearsure’s in-house tech talent is making as they further specialize and strengthen their software development skills. At Nearsure, we’re especially committed to fostering software development growth for our remote tech talent in a way that truly and practically advances their professional tech careers.  

Therefore, we’re very proud to announce that Nearsure is now continuing to foster hands-on skill improvement processes for our tech talent based on three main engineering areas of focus: 

  1. Developing QA Engineers: 

Our manual QA team will further specialize in automation through courses in three main technologies: Cypress, Selenium, and Appium. We’ve included the entire breakdown of these aptitudes in a more detailed section below.  

  1. Facilitating Snowflake Certifications for Data Engineers:  

Also to be expanded further below, we’ve given data engineers the option to become Snowflake certified and many have certainly opted in to seize this opportunity.  

As a result, thirteen of our data engineers are now enrolled in the SnowPro Core Certification with one other professional in this area taking the SnowPro® Core Recertification – Snowflake.  

Preparing for this testing is quite a demanding task! Following these courses, our talent will be taking testing throughout June to August. 

  1. Furthering Frontend Developer Skills for Semi Senior Frontend Engineers: 

We’ve also finalized three courses for semi-senior frontend engineers, as follows: 

To complement the above, we’re unveiling the progress we’ve made with each of our efforts to further develop general and highly specific software engineering skills amongst our team members. 

  1. Enhancing Developer Skills with Cypress Automation Testing  

With Cypress being a buzzword within automation, everything points towards this technology playing a fundamental role as “fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser.” 

Our Cypress training focus has already started in-house, with five developers currently taking the Cypress: Modern Automation Testing from Scratch + Frameworks course. Seven others are also finishing now the Cypress: Web Automation Testing from Zero to Hero module. 

Cypress: Modern Automation Testing for QA Engineers 

With the Cypress Modern Automation Testing course, our team of QA engineers will “learn how to write fast and robust Automated (UI + Integration) Tests using Cypress with Mocha and Cucumber frameworks.” Starting with automation to be best aligned with efforts looking into the future, our engineers are now working on further understanding of Cypress architecture and all its benefits to “build fast and reliable Automation tests for any Web Application.” They’re taking in the latest updates in Cypress test best practices of coding with “practical knowledge in designing Cypress Automation framework from scratch.” 

The course includes real-time and hands-on exercises for practice along with videos to grasp advanced architectural concepts such as page object modelling with CI/CD Jenkins integration. The idea is to better integrate Cypress components to boost video, screenshots & reporting. 

Cypress Web Automation Testing: How Our Teams Are Becoming Heroes 

We’re diving deep into E2E web UI automation from scratch! From a review of JavaScript fundamentals to building “locators for any web elements using powerful jQuery Selector Engine built-in Cypress, our teams will go over configuring “multiple custom reporters [,to] retry logic for failed tests and run tests in Docker container.” This developer course includes “Parallel test execution, Cypress Dashboard, Cross Browser and Visual testing.” 

Together, these courses make up quite a bit of a refresher and expansion on all things Cypress for our talented tech teams! 

  1. Moving onto the Coveted World of Snowflake Pro Certification 

But we’re always aiming for more and higher, which is why our Snowflake certification process is already underway! With the luxury of a SnowPro Core Re-certification, as well, our teams are supported and accompanied by their team members to go through this rigid study, training, and testing process for hopefully many successful SnowPro Core certifications.  

Snowflake is in everyone’s word and mind nowadays in high-level and fast cloud computing that’s changed data architecture forever!  

To succeed in this rigorous process, our teams are backed by a great mix of practical experience and internal support to fulfill self-study, on-demand training, and finally move on to the testing stage.  

We look forward to the innovative implementations that will naturally follow this enhancement of our talent’s software engineering skills as they’re better able to “design, develop, and manage secure, scalable Snowflake solutions to drive business objectives.” 

  1. Supporting Growth with Continued learning of Frontend Developer Skills 

The practical guide on JavaScript unit testing will help our teams further focus on how we’re writing automated unit & integration tests for JavaScript projects, especially when doing so with Vitest & Jest.  

As our teams get to write and structure unit and integration tests further, they will seek to remove the side effects of these tasks via mocking and spies to focus heavily on testing core business logic. This enables them to concentrate primarily on testing core business logic, a crucial aspect of software development skills. 

Even better versed in popular JavaScript test runners and libraries, we’re complementing this front-end developer course with a great boost on how to integrate TypeScript.  Thus, our teams will go over core types and generics to learn how to combine TypeScript with ReactJS or NodeJS / Express.  

Aside from that, the React Complete Guide will further complement their knowledge of Reactjs, Hooks, Redux, React Routing, Animations, Next.js and much more! With React.js being a highly popular JavaScript library, we’re paving a stronger path to modern, competitive and the best reactive user interfaces for our clients.  

May Our Commitment to Growth Continue to Foster the Greatest Talent 

Nearsure cannot be prouder to continue to foster strong career paths for all its tech talent. Seeing our people as our greatest asset in this industry, we’re glad to share news on our continued efforts towards professional career development amidst our team members to take Nearsure to the top in every way imaginable.  

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