Nearsure Celebrates New Quarters in Santo Domingo

TL; DR: Nearsure is announcing its latest office opening in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, as a way to foster collaboration, networking, career growth, and development opportunities for highly skilled professionals in the Caribbean as part of its exponential company growth in Latin America for the thriving tech industry. 

We’re happy to announce we’ve continued to expand Nearsure’s presence in Latin America with the opening of a brand-new office in the vibrant city of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic (DR). 

Seizing the warmth and hospitality of such a friendly culture as DR radiates, but especially focused on boosting the great growth and potential that the country holds out of its rich location in the Caribbean, our new office in Santo Domingo is officially up and running!  

Nearsure Successfully Held Its Office Opening in Santo Domingo This Week 

We celebrated our achievement this week by having a great time next to five of the more than ten Nearsure engineers and developers in the country, a number that’s continually growing with our devoted efforts in this nation.  

To officiate the event, Nearsure’s Chief Technology Officer, Iang Yim, and our Head of Talent Marketing & Communications, Micaela Ruiz, made it to the site from Uruguay and Argentina, respectively.  

“We’re very excited about this opening in the Dominican Republic. This country has a high level of education and lots of outstanding talent in diverse areas. Dominican professionals are highly valued for their knowledge, skills, and work ethics. At Nearsure, we’re committed to keeping growing in this region and all over Latin America,” said CTO Iang Yim as the team feasted on hors d’oeuvres alongside local media and shared the latest of Nearsure’s merchandising. We counted with the valuable presence of Mite Nishio from Revista Mercado and Almuerzo de Negocios, Claudio Acevedo from NotiÚltimas, Iván Espinosa from Genoma Digital, and Wilvin Belliard from ViaTec. Champagne and other non-alcoholic beverages helped us cheer on and toast this big new move. 

Nearsure has had successful follow-up press releases and other communications following this great new milestone as we continue to expand our software development teams in the Dominican Republic and all throughout Latin America. 

A special shoutout goes out to Mica, as we like to call her, for all the efforts in getting our furniture and office sorted out in exceptional heat in the otherwise wintering weather of Buenos Aires at the time of the opening. 

Details on Our Brand-New Office in Santo Domingo 

Located along John F. Kennedy Avenue in the capital city, our new office is housed in the PYHEX creative co-working complex. This building is aimed at the most progressive entrepreneur community in this city, which also makes a photography and video studio, an auditorium, training rooms, and many other private offices available on a regular office schedule. 

Our leadership has thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our colleagues and inaugurating with them this amazing new space. It represents a great step as Nearsure continues its steady path to exponential growth, and we couldn’t be more excited about all that lies ahead for all of us.  

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As a company that’s already working on a network of over 20,000 developers with a presence in more than 18 countries in the region, the new office seeks to offer innovative opportunities to local tech talent. This new step strengthens our position as we plow through our core mission of connecting the most demanding North American businesses with exceptional remote tech talent.   

The new quarters will assist organizations across diverse industries in North America in accessing top-tier talent with time zone alignment, cultural affinity, fully bilingual teams​, and the tech-savviest senior engineers for quick and cost-effective staff augmentation and nearshore outsourcing solutions.  

This location comes as a new dedicated space for talented professionals in the Dominican Republic to collaborate, network, and explore career growth and development opportunities in the thriving tech industry. 

Why Does a 100% Remote Tech Company Open an Office?  

As a leading provider of remote tech talent solutions, many may wonder about the move to a new office space on the island. To address these concerns, Nearsure’s Chief Executive Officer, Giuliana Corbo, has clarified how “The idea behind having office spaces is just to give us the option of going to an office if we want to. It can be beneficial if we want to spend some time together, if one day our internet connection isn’t working at home, to organize after-office meetups, and much more!” As Giuliana states internally for her working teams, “It will never be mandatory to go; it´s only about having options.” 

Establishing a physical presence in Santo Domingo also underscores our company’s commitment to fostering local talent and creating opportunities for professionals in the region. By providing a physical space for local tech talent to connect and develop their skills, we aim to contribute to the flourishing tech industry in Latin America and empower professionals to achieve their full potential. 

In addition, Nearsure will host various networking events, workshops, and training sessions to facilitate knowledge sharing and foster a sense of community among local tech enthusiasts. We look forward to building lasting relationships with clients, professionals, and industry partners in the Dominican Republic. 

Are you interested in joining us? Please take a look at our Careers page to apply today!