12 New Programming Languages Every Programmer Should Learn

TL;DR: Focused on 12 new programming languages developers and programmers can learn throughout 2023, this article starts off with a quick definition of the types of programming languages that exist and expands on the most common ones. The article lists 12 new languages to learn with a brief description of background, programming language functionality, and

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What Are Four Types of Code Reviews?

Coding is a well-respected, fully-fledged, and promising field. Many breakthroughs over the years have truly revolutionized the future of computer programming, and, with them, have come new exciting trends...

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What You Need to Know About Multi-Cloud Databases

With technology advances going at breakneck speed, multi-cloud database deployment has emerged as a game-changing trend across many industries. It’s now the go-to choice for businesses striving for operational...

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Five Essential Coding Hacks to Write Better, Simpler Code

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your code management processes? Are you really looking for true coding hacks to make your life easier? We certainly know you’re not alone. Writing...

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Remote Software Developers’ Tech Salaries and Job Roles Analysis

Are you looking for a job in the tech industry? As usual, we’re doing all we can to help! Aside from all our open career opportunities at Nearsure, we’re...

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Key Signs You’ve Reached Developers’ Seniority

You’re probably dreaming of the day you can proudly add “Senior Software Developer” to your résumé, no? If you’ve already reached developers’ seniority, doesn’t that feel good?  Wherever you...

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What is Making Florida a Tech Hub?

Why Are People Talking About Florida as a Tech Hub?  Let’s be honest. What comes to mind when you first think of Florida? Snowbirds, Miami beach, maybe not Miami...

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Tech trends to dump by 2023

Out with the old, in with the new. The history of IT, as per Deloitte Insights 2023 Tech Trends report, has evolved over “three enduring eternities: interaction, information, and...

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South by Southwest 2023: Why You Can’t Miss it!

South by Southwest isn’t just a music and film festival—it’s a tech professionals’ playground!  The annual festival offers events and activities for a wide range of industries, including keynote...

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Soft Skills Any Remote Software Developer Needs to Master

Software developers have long been stereotyped as lacking in social and/or interpersonal skills when their career actually comes with great technical demands. To be great at what they do,...

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