Nearsure Has Just Won Two Stevie Awards!

Nearsure Has Just Won Two Stevie Awards! Known as the world’s premier business awards, the coveted Stevie® Awards honor the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and working professionals around the world.  This year, Nearsure has just won two of these highly prestigious world recognitions! Our CEO, Giuliana Corbo, has won the Silver Award for

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Project management skills: Four great tips for developers

As part of TechRemote, our LinkedIn Newsletter, we recently focused on project management skills software developers need to succeed in their careers. We bring you those great tips in...

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What is Design Thinking? Why is it so popular?

Airbnb. Apple. Bank of America. Google. Microsoft. Netflix. Nike. Oral B. PepsiCo. Samsung. Starbucks. These are just some of the many businesses and organizations around the world that have...

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Top 7 Benefits of Latin America Outsourcing

TL; DR: This blog details the top 7 benefits of Latin America outsourcing. It compares the geographical, political, financial, cultural and work considerations of Latin American-based nearshore providers in...

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Soft Skills Any Remote Software Developer Needs to Master

Software developers have long been stereotyped as lacking in social and/or interpersonal skills when their career actually comes with great technical demands. To be great at what they do,...

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Red Flags Calling for a Mitigation Strategy: Thoughts on Lowering Attrition

The War for Talent rages on as tech leaders continue to struggle in attracting – and keeping – the right talent for their needs. A mass exodus of talent...

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Nearsure interviews LeagueApps’ Director of QA Engineering

We keep making significant progress in bringing visibility to powerful women. For this second entry to our blog interview format, Nearsure has proudly collaborated with Liliya Frye, Director of...

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International Women’s Day: Why It Matters in Technology

A new International Women’s Day is here and so are worldwide marches, D&I initiatives, meaningful conversations, and all sorts of different activities right in the public light! Months of...

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How the Role of Women in the Tech Industry Has Evolved

Looking at the panoramic for women in tech, recent data still shows women in technology holding a minority of tech jobs with the figure recently sitting at a mere...

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Getting the best out of your recruiting process

TL;DR: Focused on getting the best out of a recruiting process for candidates, this blog note outlines five key pointers that talent in any area, yet particularly in tech,...

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