Top Remote Developer Benefits In Today’s Compensation Packages

With remote work being more and more common, especially in the tech industry, many companies fight hard to offer the best compensation package. But what should you look at when it comes to choosing your next position? This new blog post brings our latest LinkedIn newsletter to blog format to highlight extra miles in compesation

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Is Quiet Hiring Plain Evil Or A Necessary Practice?

According to recent news, over 130,000 tech workers have been laid off as of 2022. Many insiders say the pandemic caused companies to overhire remote workers. Then, they felt...

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What is Design Thinking? Why is it so popular?

Airbnb. Apple. Bank of America. Google. Microsoft. Netflix. Nike. Oral B. PepsiCo. Samsung. Starbucks. These are just some of the many businesses and organizations around the world that have...

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Uruguay, the Hottest Hub for Tech Talent Overseas

TL; DR: Uruguayan president Luis Lacalle announced a new program to lure tech talent from foreign countries into Uruguay back in November 2022. This blog post examines the reasons...

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Top 10 Benefits of Outsourcing Partnerships

5 Tips for Longterm Outsourcing Partnerships ‍ 1. Establish your goals. Start by determining your goals and requirements for the project or projects. You should have ambitious yet realistic...

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Red Flags Calling for a Mitigation Strategy: Thoughts on Lowering Attrition

The War for Talent rages on as tech leaders continue to struggle in attracting – and keeping – the right talent for their needs. A mass exodus of talent...

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Organizing Your Bookmarks 101

The ability to save bookmarks in your browser is game-changing for digital users, which is practically everyone these days. No longer do you have to hunt around for the...

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Are you using too many or too little development tools?

TL; DR: Bombarded with integrations and software options, software developers can rightfully be wondering just how many development tools make a balanced stack for their daily chores. This blog...

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An in-depth comparison of corporate vs. startup developers

TL; DR: This blog article compares the professional side of working as corporate vs. startup developers from a talent perspective. It gives out main reasons why anyone in tech...

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5 Proven Strategies to Reduce Churn in the Staff Augmentation Industry

Companies that opt to work with staff augmentation services to reduce their permanent IT budget and launch key software development projects benefit from having a team of experienced software...

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