12 New Programming Languages Every Programmer Should Learn

TL;DR: Focused on 12 new programming languages developers and programmers can learn throughout 2023, this article starts off with a quick definition of the types of programming languages that exist and expands on the most common ones. The article lists 12 new languages to learn with a brief description of background, programming language functionality, and

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What Are Four Types of Code Reviews?

Coding is a well-respected, fully-fledged, and promising field. Many breakthroughs over the years have truly revolutionized the future of computer programming, and, with them, have come new exciting trends...

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What is the Future of Java and Cloud Computing?

Unlike many languages, the Java programming language has an exceptionally long life span in the software development community. Initially released in 1995, Java should be considered ancient and nearly...

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Python vs PHP: Which Language is Best for Web Development?

Python vs PHP: Which Language is Best for Web Development? ‍The software engineering field continues to be one of the most rapidly-growing industries in the US and in the...

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Carbon: What you should know about Google’s newest language

In July of 2022, Google Engineer Chandler Carruth announced the creation of Carbon at the CppNorth conference. The new programming language is aimed at addressing problems with C++, which...

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Best Practices in API Design

According to RapidAPI’s global State of APIs Developer Survey 2021, an annual report featuring trends in application programming interfaces (APIs) and software development, 61.6% of software developers relied on...

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Are you using too many or too little development tools?

TL; DR: Bombarded with integrations and software options, software developers can rightfully be wondering just how many development tools make a balanced stack for their daily chores. This blog...

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Learn JavaScript Fast: 7 Key Strategies

One of the most popular languages in the world, JavaScript is instrumental in making apps and websites dynamic and interactive. Want to learn JavaScript quickly?

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4 Programming Languages You Should Learn in 2022

Programming languages are important tools to have in your arsenal for a range of careers. Is this the year you’ll add these languages to your skillset?

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Dynamic Programming: Tackling Problems in Programming

While dynamic programming may seem intimidating, the concept can be simplified and will help enormously in tackling an array of problems.

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