How Can Custom Software Development Solutions Benefit Fintech?

TL;DR: Driven by the value partnerships provide the fintech sector, this blog outlines a few of the most common challenges and pain points that fintech companies and their respective leadership can solve together with customer software development partners. The article includes a quick state of the fintech market, fintech trends and innovations, and the practical

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Is Quiet Hiring Plain Evil Or A Necessary Practice?

According to recent news, over 130,000 tech workers have been laid off as of 2022. Many insiders say the pandemic caused companies to overhire remote workers. Then, they felt...

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What You Need to Know About Multi-Cloud Databases

With technology advances going at breakneck speed, multi-cloud database deployment has emerged as a game-changing trend across many industries. It’s now the go-to choice for businesses striving for operational...

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Five Essential Coding Hacks to Write Better, Simpler Code

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your code management processes? Are you really looking for true coding hacks to make your life easier? We certainly know you’re not alone. Writing...

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How Nearsure is Supporting the Latest Advancements in Healthcare and Tech

The healthcare industry is continually evolving. It’s always been a dynamic and rapidly developing field! Yet, the latest advancements in healthcare and tech are truly allowing stakeholder groups, ranging...

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Project management skills: Four great tips for developers

As part of TechRemote, our LinkedIn Newsletter, we recently focused on project management skills software developers need to succeed in their careers. We bring you those great tips in...

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Top 7 Benefits of Latin America Outsourcing

TL; DR: This blog details the top 7 benefits of Latin America outsourcing. It compares the geographical, political, financial, cultural and work considerations of Latin American-based nearshore providers in...

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Tech trends to dump by 2023

Out with the old, in with the new. The history of IT, as per Deloitte Insights 2023 Tech Trends report, has evolved over “three enduring eternities: interaction, information, and...

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Soft Skills Any Remote Software Developer Needs to Master

Software developers have long been stereotyped as lacking in social and/or interpersonal skills when their career actually comes with great technical demands. To be great at what they do,...

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Organizing Your Bookmarks 101

The ability to save bookmarks in your browser is game-changing for digital users, which is practically everyone these days. No longer do you have to hunt around for the...

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