Remote Software Developers’ Tech Salaries and Job Roles Analysis

Are you looking for a job in the tech industry? As usual, we’re doing all we can to help! Aside from all our open career opportunities at Nearsure, we’re also breaking down for you what should be any IT candidate’s essential reading. Over this article, we’re giving you a summary of Hired’s report titled Navigating

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Key Signs You’ve Reached Developers’ Seniority

You’re probably dreaming of the day you can proudly add “Senior Software Developer” to your résumé, no? If you’ve already reached developers’ seniority, doesn’t that feel good?  Wherever you...

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How to Get a Remote Job as a Developer

The last two years have entirely revolutionized the global work environment, and the number of people working remotely has grown exponentially as well. This new trend has also impacted...

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