Nearsure Celebrates New Quarters in Santo Domingo

TL; DR: Nearsure is announcing its latest office opening in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, as a way to foster collaboration, networking, career growth, and development opportunities for highly skilled professionals in the Caribbean as part of its exponential company growth in Latin America for the thriving tech industry.  We’re happy to announce we’ve continued to

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Argentina’s Technology Scene: A Thriving Market Championing Great Growth 

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of Argentina? Is it Messi right now? Or Maradona? Perhaps you’re thinking of mate, an asado, or...

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Uruguay, the Hottest Hub for Tech Talent Overseas

TL; DR: Uruguayan president Luis Lacalle announced a new program to lure tech talent from foreign countries into Uruguay back in November 2022. This blog post examines the reasons...

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South by Southwest 2023: Why You Can’t Miss it!

South by Southwest isn’t just a music and film festival—it’s a tech professionals’ playground!  The annual festival offers events and activities for a wide range of industries, including keynote...

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NYC is the Next Great Tech Hub

TL; DR: New York City has grown as a tech hub in the last few years. Venture Capital, big tech companies moving to the area, increased total wages in...

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All Things Atlanta Tech: 5 Signs of Further Growth

With a population of nearly half a million people, Atlanta is known as the “tech mecca” of the southeast. That is partly because, out of the eight states that...

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8 Great Tech Hubs in North America

How many tech hubs can you name anywhere between Canada and the US right now? It must be hard pressed to come up with more than a couple tech...

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Uruguay: A Tiny Country Turned Mighty Nearshore Outsourcing Tech Hub

Discover what has earned the country the nickname “The Silicon Valley of South America” and why outsourcing to Uruguay might just be the right move.

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Why Brazil became a software development hotspot

Discover what has turned Brazil into a software development hotspot worth considering and the benefits of outsourcing software development services there.

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Why Colombia is a Software Development Hotspot

Colombia has consolidated as Latin America’s favorite outsourcing destination. Software development in Colombia has grown exponentially in the last years.

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