How Nearsure is Supporting the Latest Advancements in Healthcare and Tech

The healthcare industry is continually evolving. It’s always been a dynamic and rapidly developing field! Yet, the latest advancements in healthcare and tech are truly allowing stakeholder groups, ranging from clinicians to patients, to expect substantial changes and a major impact in virtually little time. A recent study has shown that 80% of health systems

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Travelling to Mendoza went beyond a business trip

TL; DR: Our recent business trip to Mendoza, Argentina was such a memorable experience! At Nearsure, we keep building upon our relations from the inside out. For a week...

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Nearsure interviews Mysten Labs’ Engineering Manager

At Nearsure, we keep making strides into making powerful women visible. On this occasion, we’re honored to be showcasing an interview with Mysten Labs’ Engineering Manager Anwaya Aras. As...

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Nearsure interviews LeagueApps’ Director of QA Engineering

We keep making significant progress in bringing visibility to powerful women. For this second entry to our blog interview format, Nearsure has proudly collaborated with Liliya Frye, Director of...

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